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Study Abroad

The following advising sheets will help students determine the right study abroad program. These advising sheets have been created by the Study Abroad Office in conjunction with the corresponding Gonzaga School or Department.  

The Program sheets list courses previous students have enrolled in and corresponding approved credit at Gonzaga.  The Department sheets list programs where students can potentially receive credit in that subject.  For sponsored programs, students are not limited to taking the courses listed on these sheets.  

Courses by Program     Courses by Department
AIFS Stellenbosch in South Africa
Gonzaga in Chimfunshi
Gonzaga in Zambezi
SFS Wildlife Management in Tanzania
University of Ghana

Asia and Middle East
Akita International University in Japan
CET in Jordan
Gonzaga in China
SFS in Himalayan Studies in Bhutan
SFS River Ecosystems and Environmental Ethics in Cambodia
Sophia University in Japan
The Beijing Center in China
Thammasat University in Thailand

Central America
SFS Sustainable Development Studies in Costa Rica
SFS Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies in Panama
SFS Marine Resource Studies in Turks and Caicos

South America
CASA Argentina
ISA in Argentina
ISA in Chile
SFS Biodiversity & Development in Peru
AIFS London Internship
AIFS Paris in France
DIS in Denmark
Gonzaga in Austria
Gonzaga in Beglium & Italy
Gonzaga in Florence
Gonzaga in London: Literary London
Gonzaga in London: Spirituality & the Arts
Gonzaga in Scotland
IAU Aix-en-Provence in France
Queen Mary University in London
St. Louis University Madrid in Spain
Universitat Graz in Austria
University of Glasgow in Scotland
University of Granada in Spain
University of Limerick in Ireland
Vesalius College in Belgium

North America
Gonzaga in the Wilderness
Washington Semester

SFS Tropical Rainforest Studies in Australia
University of Auckland in New Zealand

Communication Studies
Computer Science
Environmental Studies
Foreign Languages
Integrated Media
International Studies and Political Science
Religious Studies
Theater and Dance
Women's and Gender Studies


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