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Study Abroad

Study Abroad is the ultimate college experience, and is one of not only profound personal and academic growth, but also a great resume building experience. Its a unique academic adventure that students will need to adjust their expectations for: living in another country where academics, daily life, transportation, food, and language can be radically different from what they are use to.  Please support your student in this experience.

The dangers of studying abroad are no different than living in the U.S.  Problems can occur when students fail to take ownership of their study abroad experience.  Because of the unique nature of studying abroad, we encourage students to take ownership, because they can't call home from Beijing to ask directions, or rely on you for instructions if they lose their passport.
FERPA: With FERPA (Federal Rights and Privacy Act) protections, we cannot speak to you in specifics regarding your student without the completion of the FERPA waiver form.  Please make sure your student has completed the form per the instructions if you plan to speak with our staff at any point during the study abroad process.
FERPA waiver form

The following links are resources to assist you and your Zag throughout the study abroad process.  More program specific instructions, policies, and procedures are provided to your students during this process.  We encourage you to "guide from the side" as we understand that you are invested in this study abroad experience too.