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Short Term Programs

Below are listed the study abroad programs administered by Gonzaga University for the summer and inter-semester terms (Spring and Winter break).  Students who participate in Gonzaga programs will receive Gonzaga credit. There are many more programs that students can participate on during the summer that are not listed here.  Students would do those for transfer credit.  Please check with a Study Abroad Advisor to determine what type of program may be the best fit for you.
Gonzaga in Chimfunshi
Gonzaga in Zambezi

Asia and Middle East
Gonzaga in China

South America

Gonzaga in Cali (Grad)
Gonzaga in Guayaquil
Charles University (Grad)
Gonzaga in Beglium & Italy (Grad & Undergrad)
Gonzaga in Brussels (Grad)
Gonzaga in Florence: Undergrad
Gonzaga in Florence: Law
Gonzaga in Florence: Renaissance Leadership (Grad)
Gonzaga in London: Literary London
Gonzaga in London: Spirtuality & the Arts of England
Gonzaga in Scotland

North America
Gonzaga in Nogales: Justice in January
Gonzaga in the Wilderness

Gonzaga in Tijuana: Justice in January
Gonzaga in Valyermo (Grad)