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Teaching at Gonzaga in Florence

Gonzaga in Florence is Gonzaga University's flagship study abroad program.  This program is run by the university and accepts  approximately 175 students per semester and 70 per summer.  With a 63 year history, Gonzaga in Florence has been leading the way in study abroad for years and continues to play an important part in student's experiences at Gonzaga.
Gonzaga in Florence: Summer Proposal

The International Education Council solicits proposals to teach a course at the Gonzaga in Florence (GIF) campus for the summer session term between December and March 1st.

Integrated into departmental curricula, GIF summer courses should provide the opportunity for faculty to explore pedagogical methods and approaches that are otherwise impossible or difficult in a classroom or main campus based course.    Course proposals will engage in the local Florentine and Italian community and location through regular engagement with local people and groups and/or sites of interest in order to enhance opportunities for learning.

Priority will be given to proposals that best incorporate the Study Abroad Student Learning Goals into the proposal and that can show how the course will/can attract students who do not typically engage in study abroad.


Study Abroad Student Learning Goals**
Study Abroad Program Learning Outcome Rubric

 **Please note at these Learning Goals have been developed for both Gonzaga in Florence summer courses and short term faculty led programs, there are differences to note in requirements.

1. The minimum course enrollment at Gonzaga in Florence is 10 students for a course to be approved.

2. The program length is 6 weeks, dates determined by the GIF campus.

GIF Course proposals are approved through a competitive review process with the evaluation and recommendation of the International Education Council to the Provost, who will make the final approval.  

Proposal Process
Faculty interested in  submitting a course proposal are encouraged to discuss their ideas with the Dean of Gonzaga in Florence, Dr. Jason Houston ( or the Director of Study Abroad in addition to their departmental Chair(s) and Dean early in the planning stages.

Faculty must obtain Chair approval and a letter of support from their Dean to ensure that the program fits within Departmental and College/School goals and is programmatically feasible for the proposed year. 
All proposals for a short-term study abroad or GIF Course will include:

Online Application Questionnaire. Includes submission of all course syllabus and general course details.

Chair Approval. A Form indicating the course numbers to be used and giving registrar clearance to create courses. This document must be signed by your Departmental Chair(s).
Support from Dean.   A letter or statement of support from the Dean should explain how the proposed program aligns with the goals of your department(s), strategic goals of the College or School(s), and committing the department(s) to support promotion of the program, and the programmatic feasibility for the proposed year.. 

After an initial review of your proposal and proposed course offering, the GIF staff and Study Abroad Office will work with faculty on course development, recruitment, marketing and logistical processes.